The most magical sunset in Oahu, Hawaii

I am so grateful for my life and for being a part of our beautiful world. It amazes me every time to see how we all come together to appreciate the same sport, a sunset or a song… That moment when I captured this was so precious. We were all strangers looking at the sunContinue reading “The most magical sunset in Oahu, Hawaii”

Anyway Cafe

It’s rare to find a place so pure and lively in New York City. Anyway Cafe isn’t just about the live music, but also about people coming together from everywhere around the world to create and share this beautiful thing we call music. It’s one of those places where there’s always a good vibe, andContinue reading “Anyway Cafe”

What 2018 has taught me and my goals for 2019!

This year has been one of those years… Where so much has happened! I hope your year was filled with love & joy and that you choose to grow and learn from all experiences in positive ways. 2018 has taught me a few things this year: 1) We don’t lose friends, we learn who theContinue reading “What 2018 has taught me and my goals for 2019!”