For the past 5 years, moving around has been challenging. For me personally, the hardest part about it was changing schools constantly. Not only was it frustrating that I didn’t know how long I was staying for, but also the fact that there was always so much going on when I moved from one place to another. Like documentation stuff, trying to keep in touch with friends from other countries with different time zones, helping my family settle down, getting to know the place and the people, making new friends, catching up with school’s different programs, etc.

There were so many times where we would stay at hotels while I went to school; and don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it! The hotels were amazing and ordering food to my room every day was cool but after doing that for more than a year, you just get kind of homesick. I remember having about 9 suitcases in my hotel room at one point, where I could only open a few because I didn’t have enough space to put everything away. Finding stuff was literally impossible sometimes, since at that point I had completely lost count of which things I had in which city… ah I don’t miss that!


But anyway, being a nomad is all about adapting and being spontaneous. One has to be willing to go through those kinds of situations and with time it becomes a lifestyle. There are definitely both pros and cons to being a nomad (like everything in life) and luckily, the pros have always been greater for me.

The most important thing I learned, is that “home” is truly where we put our hearts at. You can’t expect to feel at home somewhere if you are constantly thinking of another place. And I made this mistake before, of constantly reminding myself of a city I used to live in or complaining about how I didn’t feel at home… But I learned that sometimes you’ve got to put that effort to make it your home because no one can do it for you.

Being a nomad is all about this. About letting go and building, letting go and building. It’s like a cycle. Where we lose but we win new experiences. I always believe that everything comes back. Maybe in different ways… but it’s always back!

I grow every day. From the good and the bad. From both the fails and the wins. But if there’s something that the nomad lifestyle has taught me is that you’ve got to keep going. Because you know what they say! if you can dream it, you can do it! ❤️


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